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The Pyjama Gang vs. The Sleepers

follow url The Pyjama Gang seems to be mainly a Shanghai phenomenon. They can be seen shopping at Carrefour, cruising the Bund, and hanging out at most street corners. Yes, the Pyjama Gang members can in principle be seen everywhere in Shanghai.pyjama-man.jpgThere are many theories concerning this phenomenon. One theory is that it is a way of showing that you live so centrally in the city that you are able to walk around the city centre in your pyjamas. Some people have suggested that it could be for the convenience of being able to jump straight into bed when you come home. Others have wondered if the Pyjama Gang members have one set of pyjamas to sleep in and another set of pyjamas to cruise the streets in or if it is the same. Are they in fact going out in their “fancy pyjamas”? There are many questions, but very few answers. The Pyjama Gang is not to be confused with the Sleepers, as you will never see a Sleeper in pyjamas, at least not during napping time. The Pyjama Gang are those going about their daily business, in their pyjamas. Sleepers, on the other hand, tend to be sleeping. The Pyjama Gang is very much awake whereas the Sleepers are very much not awake…the-sleepers.jpgThe Sleepers can be found all over China and the goal of the Sleepers seems to be to find an as uncomfortable and public a place as possible to take a nap. Park benches, restaurants, metro stations, on the back of a bike, on the ground next to a wall, at work… You name it and it would be possible for a Sleeper to fall asleep there. You would think that it would be much more comfortable for a Sleeper to first join the Pyjama Gang before a nap, but so far the two have not joined forces.